Your energy is my passion

  • Are you healthy?
  • Are you calm and fully relaxed?
  • Do you feel comfortable? Are you happy?
  • Do the things you do have a meaning?
  • Are you able to let go? Are you ready to get yourself into something new?
  • Do you want to change?
  • Do you want to know, what needs to be done? Do you want to have some clear instructions on how to do it?

Do you have problems with other people?

Problems in your family, with business partners, neighbors, colleagues at work, friends, … – Those can have a detrimental affect on your energy management.


Do you have problems with morbid belief systems? such as:

I’m neither important, nor valuable, lovable or strong and nobody can help me. I’m incurable; I’m always out of luck. All those beliefs have the same background: lack of love, hope or trust.


Do you pay attention to a healthy diet?

This covers topics such as food tolerance; any lack of vitamins and dietary minerals, etc.


Do you have the proper bedding?

Refers to topics such as exposure to radiation in sleeping areas and living spaces as well as working spaces by earth radiation, bed- and construction materials, electric smog and its suppression.

  • Did you know? Analysis of houses of cancer patients showed that none of the houses was radiation-free!

The answers to all those questions reinforce the pictures of your energy management and possible cause(s) of any energetic dysfunction.

After just a few session those problems can become part of your past!
I’m here to help you.

Dr. Lothar Mayrhofer

Energetic spiritual healer & coach

My approach

  • We start with a thorough talk and a holistic energy status check.
  • We search for causes of energetic dysfunctions, which were found during the energy status check, such as hyper-function and sub-function.
  • Indications for energetic dysfunctions usually show in chakras (energy centre), meridians, your central nervous system und its interconnections.
  • These energetic dysfunctions are treated and the natural flow will be restored.
  • My goal is to support you to be able to sharpen your conscious for necessary changes and to reconcile body, soul and mind.
  • My task is to sustainably maintain your health and joie de vivre, to activate and stabilize your self-healing power.

Companies also consult me with regards to

Energy management

  • Individual energy status of managers and staff members, the quality of relationships and their intensity.
  • Conscious raising for energetic connections and influencing factors on the energy status of each single person and groups.
  • Increase of productivity by targeted energy management in relation to the productivity drivers of staff members and customer satisfactory.
  • Effects of energy status on the corporate culture and customer orientation.
  • I also give speeches on the following topics: „The company as your power place“; „Companies in the flow“; „Healthy and productive working environments“; „Power and energy for companies, managers and staff members“.

Management = Resource Management + Energy Management.

It is not only to optimize the use of resources, but mainly to strengthen the „energy flow“ within the company, to identify the „energy thieves“ and get rid of them as well as actively shape relationships.


  • Individual coaching & remote treatment:
    • 100 CHF / 85 EUR per hours (flat rate for travelling costs: 35 CHF)
  • Management consulting and speeches (price on request)
  • Suppression of living space and working place (price on request)


Email address

Mobile phone only:


Availability by phone:

Monday – Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm